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Updates...And Pre-Order!

A quick update on The Sixth book in the High Garden Dragons Series- A Doctor's Wounded Dragon (Aaran's Story). After a review and a consult from my beta reader extraordinaire, I've decided to make some revisions. I'm hoping I will have it ready to submit but mid-march.

Now for the exciting news, The Dragon's Straight Mate has a tentative release date of March 10th and Tommy's wolf is going through some final edits and will be submitted by the end of February. I'm hoping to possibly have two releases in March. If not it will definitely be out in April.

Lastly, The Dragon Assassin's Mates, which was scheduled to come out February 23rd has been moved up to February 18th! It's now available for pre-Order at BookStrand! I did some playing around and was able to create a Teaser Video. You may have noticed it when first visiting my website. it was fun to do and I'm hoping to make more.

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