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An Imp’s Halloween Dream

A High Garden Dragons Short Story

The Story below contains explicit adult language and sexual content. By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

C.K. Noel

Copyright © 2021

Ugh!  I was so bored. Since my friends started finding their sparks, the Fae realm hadn’t been exciting. Yeah, I could still jump into an orgy here or there, but without my friends, the joy was gone. Could I be jealous? I thought. 


“No, nope, not jealous,” I said to myself, shaking my head. 


I can fuck whatever guy I want without having to be concerned with feelings. I shuddered at the thought of being tied to one man for the rest of my life. If I were lucky, I’d have multiple sparks—a whole harem of men. 


I huffed and scowled. Damn, I was bored! Closing my eyes, I allowed my magic to locate my best friend, Gavin. After finding him, I teleported to his location.


“Zin, what the fuck! How many times have we told you not to appear in our room!” Gavin shouted. 


I opened my eyes and grinned. Gavin was currently being impaled by Dimitri’s long thick cock. 

“It seems I came at the perfect time,” I said, rubbing my hardening dick through my pants. 


Dimitri growled. “Zin, you have one second to get out of here.” 


Gavin bit his lip and let loose a muffled moan as Dimitri shifted behind him. My smile broadened. I loved watching. It was my favorite thing to do. 


“Oh fuck!” I yelled as Gavin hurled an energy ball at me. 


I quickly dodged the blast and blinked out of the room to the other side of the door. “You’re no fun!” I shouted.


“Catch Gavin and Dimitri going at it again?”


I squealed as I turned around. “Thank the Fates! Someone that won't yell at me.”


I ran and hugged my friend Alvner. He was an elven fae. Like most elven, he was tall, blond-haired, and toned with porcelain skin and pointy ears. Unlike me, an imp fae who was short, blue skin and bluish green hair. 


Avner lucked out with having three sparks—even better, his dragon didn’t mind me watching. I pulled back from the hug and tilted my head. 


“What are on earth are you wearing?” I asked. 


“Do you like it? It’s my Halloween costume,” Alvner replied. 


Alvner held out his arms and spun around. I didn’t know what Halloween was, but I most definitely approved. He was shirtless and wore skimpy white shorts that hugged his body. Alvner also sported a pair of sparkly fairy wings. 


“I love it! What’s Halloween?”


Alvner broke out into one of the biggest smiles I’d ever seen him give. “It’s only like the best time of the year. Bani told us we can dress up and keep our ears and eyes normal— no need to glamour.”


“No need to glamour? What? Why? How long?” I asked.


This was game-changing. Every time I came to the human realm or if any fae went to the mortal realm. We had to hide our true selves.


“I don’t know why for sure. Something about warding off evil spirits and getting candy. But it lasts one night. So, Dain, Fafner, and I are going as fairies, and Bani is going as a dragon. But not a dragon, dragon. He’s just going to show off his beautiful white scales and wear some tight undies,” Alvner explained. 


My mouth hung open, and my mind raced with the possibilities. I can interact with humans as myself, and not the little punk rocker I always glamoured. 


“Just to make sure I understand this correctly. I can go out into the human realm as me, tonight? And I won’t get in trouble?” I asked. 


Avner nodded his head rapidly. “Yes! Isn’t it great! We still can’t do magic in front of them, but we can be ourselves. Oh, and there’s a big party at the Renegade tonight! The vampires are going all out.”


“When? Where? And what should I wear?” I asked with a grin. 


Alvner laughed and grabbed my hand. I joined in the laughter as we ran down the hall. I was going to love Halloween!


I giggled with glee and walked down the stairs. I was wearing a brown loincloth and nothing else. The brown offset my blue skin perfectly. I looked like an actual goblin or imp. I loved it. 


"Holy Shit! What the heck do you think you're doing, Zin?" Gavin asked. 


"It's my Halloween costume! You like?" 


I twirled around as Alvner did early and stopped in front of my friend. My smile slipped from my face as I noticed Gavin's frown. 


"Who told you about Halloween?"


"I did. Do you like his costume?" Alvner asked, coming down the stairs with his mates. 


"What are all you doing? Why are you all dressed like this? You're not thinking of going out like this, are you?" Gavin placed his hands on his hips, and I could flee his unease fill the room. 


Gavin was half-fae and half-witch. He was also our prince. His father ruled all fae. If he said we couldn’t go, then we couldn’t go.


"Gavin, it's okay. Master Stephen is having a Halloween party at the coven. They'll be fine," Krispin said. 


Krispin was the king of all dragons and ruler of those here—even Gavin swore allegiance to him in this domain. Gavin turned to face Krispin. 


"But like this? What about the humans?" Gavin asked. 


"They'll think they're elaborate costumes. It's one night. They won't cause too much trouble," Krispin said, turning a stern gaze on me.


"Message received hot stuff. No trouble. That doesn't include sex, does it?" I asked. 


The king's brother Roarke smothered a laugh, and Krispin rolled his eyes. "No. But be safe with sex too. No need to impregnate a human."


"Ew, that would mean I'd have to sleep with a woman. No thanks, gorgeous." I turned to face Gavin. "So, can we go?" 


Gavin sighed. "Don't get into too much trouble, Zin. Humans tend to lose their inhibitions on Halloween."




The music was blaring, and the bass was thumping. I inhaled deep. The smell of sex and sweat filled the air, and my cock stirred. That smell was heaven to me. This party was terrific, crowds of half-naked men dancing and rubbing up on each other. 


I loved all the costumes. Some wore leather, some were sexy cops and doctors, while others were angels and devils. I walked through the crowd, and countless men turned to stare. My eyes were glowing their green, and my ears were still pointed. 


"That's an awesome costume," a man said. 


I twirled around and grinned. The man was taller than me, like most men. He had a slender build, killer abs, dark brown hair, and stunning blue eyes. He was wearing a black cape and mask, as well as tight black leather shorts. 


I stepped close to him, and I went to trail my fingers across his naked chest. I pulled my hand back as soon as I touched his skin. My eyes widened, and my heart pounded. No way! It can't be!


He smiled down at me and tilted his head. "Too hot for you, sexy?"


"Not at all," I replied with a quiver in my voice. 


I placed my hand on his milky skin and groaned. It was true. I felt it. This was my spark. I reached up and wrapped my hands around his neck. I brought his lips to mine. He moaned into the kiss and pulled me into an embrace. 


I groaned and felt his tongue push against my lips, demanding entry. I happily obliged. He roughly kissed his lips, and our tongues dueled for dominance. I broke the kiss and heaved a breath of air. That kiss took my breath away, and I wanted more. 


"Sorry, I-I," My spark said. 


"Nothing to be sorry for. My name's Zin. What's your name?" I asked, still catching my breath. 


"My name's Jon, most people call me—"


"Jonnie!" A large blond-haired man yelled. 


He was well built and wearing some kind of uniform. It was some sort of sport, football—I think. Dimitri had tried to explain, but I was too distracted by all the tight asses in the air. I looked back to my spark, and he wore a pained expression. 


"Dirk. What do you want?" Jon asked. 


Dirk smirked. "You know what I want. Come on. I'll let you suck my dick. It will be fun. Aiden and Ron will be there too. You can be the team whore." 


He reached out and grabbed Jonnie's arm, causing my mate to flinch. Jonnie tried to pull out of Dirk's grasp but couldn't break free. An anger like I'd never felt before pulsed through my veins, and  I roared, throwing an energy ball at the huge blond. 


Dirk yelped and staggered back, rubbing his chest. "Leave him alone," I said through clenched teeth. 


"Who the fuck are you? You little twerp. What the fuck was that? I’ll fucking kick your ass," Dirk said.  


I allowed my magic to pulse, and I felt my power grow brighter. "You don't want any of this. Runaway now."


"Zin. What's going on?" Roarke asked, stepping up beside me. "You know what Krispin said."


"This person is harassing my spark," I replied. 


"Holy Shit! Your Spark? Really?"


I nodded, and Jonnie's brow scrunched in confusion while Dirk looked between Roarke and me.


"Go. We'll handle this guy," Devin Roarke's mate said. 


"Let's go grab a table," I said, grabbing Jonnie's hand. 


"Hey, what the hell?" Dirk yelled, but I ignored him and pulled Jonnie away. I scanned the room for an open spot, but all the tables were full.


"Come on," I said, pulling Jonnie across the floor.


I noticed Basil the second in command of the coven and veered toward the gorgeous giant of a vampire. 


"Zin, what are you doing?" Basil asked with a smirk. 


"Hey Bas, all the tables are taken. Is there any place I can take my spark to chat for a bit," I replied? 


Basils eyes widened. "Your spark! Holy shit! Yeah, you can take him up to the VIP area. Master Stephen won't need it until later."


Basil grabbed the velvet rope and pulled it back, granting us access to the stairs. I looked at my spark, and his eyes were the size of silver dollars and his mouth hung open in shock. 


"Thanks, Bas!" I said, grabbing Jonnie's hand again. 


I led Jonnie up the stairs, and onto the landing.  The room opened to a large area with its own bar and a few tables with huge circular booths. It overlooked the club but was still tucked away from view. You'd have to be flying to see inside. It was a perfect place to get to know my mate. 


I nudged Jonnie toward the booth, and he settled in. Grabbing the chilling champagne, I poured two glasses. The master would just need to get another bottle, I thought.


"So Zin, you must come here a lot to be able to come up to the VIP lounge. I heard it was restricted to only a select few. Not even celebrities can get up here," Jonnie said. 


I shrugged. "I've been here a time or two, but it's my first time I've been allowed up here."


"You must know that Basil guy well. Did you fuck him?" Jon asked with a scowl. 


"I'll admit that I did. I love sex. I particularly like to watch, but if you don't want me to watch others or don't want to share. I'll be okay with that because I got you now," I replied. 


Jonnie’s eyes widened, and his jaw dropped. "Um… you said that like you want more than sex?" 


"I want it all."


I lunged forward and captured his lips once more. He groaned into my mouth as I massaged his cock with my hand. I pushed back when he wrapped his hand around my throbbing shaft. 


"Holy shit! You went all out. Even your dick is blue," Jonnie said with a chuckle. His eyes glistened with lust, and he licked his lips.


"Suck my dick, baby," I said. 


Jon leaned forward and licked my head tentatively. He licked up and down my veiny shaft when without warning, he sucked me deep into his warm mouth. I cried out in ecstasy. He moaned, and his hands trailed my naked chest. 


 "God, your fucking mouth," I said, pressing Jon's head further down my shaft. 


He bobbed his head up and down his velvety throat. I shivered under his skillful mouth. I wanted more. I hated that he still had clothes on. He needed to be naked—now. 


I knew I shouldn't do it, but I couldn't stop myself. I snapped my fingers, and Jonnie's clothes disappeared. My spark didn't appear to notice. He was too engrossed on my pulsing dick. 


I groaned, feeling the tingles of my orgasm begin to flow through my body. I didn't want to come like this. I wanted to come inside my mate. I pulled his head off my cock and jumped to my feet. "Bend over, let me see that tight ass."


I stroked my hard dick as he hurried to comply. He was stunning, slender, and graceful. "So pretty," I said. 


I leaned forward and spread Jonnie's cheeks. I buried my head feasting in on his delicious hole. He writhed and moaned at my actions. I pressed my finger and massaged his tight ring. I felt his muscles loosen at my touch, and I slipped my finger in his warm chute. He cried out at the intrusion, and I grinned. 


I loved to hear him scream. I wanted to hear more. I crocked my finger and rubbed his special bundle of nerves. 


"Holy fucking shit! Yes!" Jonnie cried.


I added another finger and continued to stretch him. After three fingers, I couldn't wait for anymore. I needed in him. I pulled my hand free, and he cried in protest. I flipped him over onto the booth. I raised his ass and snapped my fingers. I felt my cock tingle with the slick lube. 


I pressed forward into his warm, snug passage. He moaned as I slid down until my cock was fully sheathed. I looked down at my beautiful mate. His eyes were wide, and pleasure was etched on his face. 


"Your eyes. They're glowing. How?" Jonnie asked in wonder. 


"I am an imp, and you are my mate—my spark—the one made for me. I promise always to protect and love you. This is my oath as a Fae. Do you accept?" I asked the words I never in this life thought I would ever utter. 


Jonnie didn't speak, and I didn't breathe. He raised his hand gently stroked my hair from my face. "I accept."


I growled in victory and thrust out and in, fucking him like a man possessed. I needed him. I needed to complete him. I needed us to be one. I felt his chute ass tighten around my shaft and knew he was close. 


I jerked forward and bit his neck. Green energy swirled around our bodies, and I felt our souls soldering into one. He stiffened beneath me and cried out. His cock pulsed between our bodies, splashing warm cum over our stomachs. 


I lifted my head and roared. My body stiffened, and my cock pulsed, filling him, marking him on the inside as I had done on the out. A pulse of magic shot out from around us, splintering and hitting our chests. I felt our hearts synchronize. We were mated. 


I leaned down and kissed his beautiful lips. After millennia, I had found my spark, and it was marvelous. I pulled back and collapsed to the side. Closing my eyes, my breath leveled. Slowly, I came down from the high, until I felt sleep take me. 



“Zin, you here?” A voice called.  


I opened my eyes and looked around. Where was Jonnie? Why was I home? How did I get here?


“Hey, I can’t believe you’re sleeping. You were so excited about the party. Get up and get dressed. It going to be a fun night,” Gavin said, stepping into my room. 


I tilted my head. Wait, it didn’t happen? Was it all a dream? I jerked my head up and raced to the mirror. Pulling off my shirt, I admired my chest. My shoulders slumped, and I sighed. No mark. It was a dream.


“Hey, are you okay?” Gavin asked. 


I took a deep breath and smiled. “Yeah. I can’t believe I fell asleep. I’ll be ready in a few.”


Gavin stared at me then nodded. “Okay, I’ll see you in a few. This is going to be the best Halloween ever!”


Gavin turned and ran from the room, and I peered back at the mirror. It felt so real. I sighed and closed my eyes. Jonnie’s face appeared in my mind. Maybe someday you’ll be real. Until then, I’ll wait and remember the best Halloween dream ever. 


The End.

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