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Available in eBook and Audiobook Formats
Devin's Dragon Duke

Series: Book two High Garden Dragons
Genre: Paranormal Romance M/M
Release Date: December 8, 2020

An assertive, stubborn, commanding Vampire—A powerful Dragon shifter—A union fated… for failure.

Vampire Second, Devin Davis, has met his beloved. Raised in a family filled with fighting, Devin never wanted to meet his mate and potentially suffer the same fate. Roarke is gorgeous, sexy as sin, and pushes all of Devin’s buttons. But he’s a dragon… a dragon who can get his male mate pregnant.

Dragon Duke, Roarke MacNair, has always longed to meet his fated mate. He desires someone who would stand by him, protect him, and take charge in the bedroom. Someone like Vampire Second Devin Davis. Only Devin seems to have reservations. Roarke has been patient with his fated mate, but time might not be on their side...

Roarke’s father wants him to mate with a neighboring Dragon Circle Leader. Perhaps fate made a mistake. Can Devin put aside his past for a chance at love? Will Roarke be able to stand up to his Domineering father? Can love really win against all odds?

Excerpt - Devin's Dragon Duke

The excerpt below may contain explicit adult language and sexual content.
By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.
If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.


Finding my voice, I said, "Good morning."
I smiled as they turned to look at me. Two of the three wore matching grins on their faces. Aaran, kept his expression flat.
“Hallelujah! They finally did it. It's about time. You must be hungry," Ben said, standing up and motioning us to the table. "I made a ton of food. Your brothers eat a lot, Roarke."
They blushed at his comment, and I laughed. "Try growing up with them. I had to fight for every scrap of food."
"Ah, don't be like that, runt. It toughened you up," Angus replied, standing up and walking toward Devin and me. He had a broad smile and, like always, wore his black shirt and kilt.
"My name's Angus. You must be the unlucky sod that is saddled with this one," he said with a grin, reaching his hand out in greeting to Devin.
"Devin. It’s nice to meet you," Devin replied, shaking Angus' hand, "but I think I was lucky to find Roarke."
Addison quickly stood and introduced himself to Devin, shaking his hand following Angus' lead. Aaran, on the other hand, stood examining my mate with a scowl. Without offering his hand, he simply tipped his head up and said, "I'm Aaran."
I growled low at the disrespect but was pulled from my anger by Angus, who turned to me and gripped me into a hug.
"Congratulations, brother," he whispered.
I hugged him back. Of the three, I was closest to Angus. I knew they all had my back if ever I needed anything, even Aaran. However, Angus had always been my champion against Aaran and our father.
"What are you three doing here?" I asked as I hugged Addison in greeting. I even hugged Aaran, even though I wanted to strangle him.
"You haven't called or texted us in nearly five weeks; what did you think was going to happen? Da has been going out his mind with worry, and if Da is not happy, Father gets involved," Angus said.
"Why didn't you tell us you’d found your mate? Or at least responded to our calls or texts?" Aaran, the asshole, asked rigidly.
I hedged; I didn't want to mention my injury or how I was recovering. Luckily, Ben interrupted, giving me time to think about how to respond.
"Here, sit down. You and Devin had a busy night, and you need food," he said, placing a plate full of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast on the table.
It smelled incredible. Devin and I practically raced to sit down and devour the food. I scooped a big helping into my mouth and groaned; it tasted as good as it smelled. After a few moments of silently eating, I lifted my head from the plate and saw the amused smirks of everyone at the table. Even Devin had a smirk. He whispered through our bond, The sounds you were making almost caused me to take you back upstairs.
I blushed at his thought. I looked to my brothers; they still had the grins on their faces.
"Sorry, was hungry," I mumbled.
That caused everyone to laugh.
"We could tell, little brother," Angus said with a grin.
Then he got a serious expression on his face. When he got that look, it usually meant our father had done something that would affect us.
"What?" I asked, tensing.
He cleared his throat, another sign he was uncomfortable. This was going to be bad, and I was really going to hate what he was going to say. Devin, picking up on my feelings, sat up straighter and also stared at Angus.
"Since we couldn't reach you for nearly five weeks and Da was worrying, Father ordered us to find you and bring you back to Glenfinnan," he said flatly.
That couldn't be it. There had to be more. It would be as simple as calling up my dad and telling him why I was out of contact. He would understand. The way Angus was looking, there was definitely more to it. He cleared his throat again.
“Spit it out, Angus.”
"Father decided the best way to stop you from your roving ways was to facilitate a mating. He promised you to Lord Finnley of the Bracara circle," he rushed out.
"No fucking way!" I yelled.
''Da was okay with that? Forcing me to mate someone I don even know." My brogue was becoming more pronounced as the anger surged through me.
Angus cringed. "I don think Da knows."
Of all the crazy things my father had done over the years, this took the cake. I loved my father, but he truly was the "lord of the manor" type. He liked to make decrees and expected everyone to follow his commands. It was one of the reasons I was hardly ever home.
I was livid. My dragon was angry too, and he wanted to kick our sire's ass. I looked to Devin, and I saw my rage mirrored on my mate's face. His eyes turned blood red, and his hands transformed to vampire claws. He seemed to grow before my very eyes. His vampire nature exploding to the surface.
"What the fuck is it with you dragons, thinking you can force a mating?" he hissed through his fangs, obviously not forgetting what Krispin had said yesterday.
Aaran went to speak, but Devin wasn't finished.
“Roarke is mine! I will kill any who dare think to threaten my claim. So, tell your father to fuck off!" he exclaimed as he turned and stormed out of the room.
I had a feeling that, if he had stayed, he would have taken off my brothers' heads. I turned to my brothers; their eyes were round with shock.
"I think my mate said it clearly. I'll be calling Da, and you three will be going home empty-handed," I said, standing up and following my mate.

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