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Springtime Showers

Series: Book 8.5 High Garden Dragons
Genre: Paranormal Romance M/M/M/M
Release Date: April 2022

Sping showers, bring may flowers.

Story One: "An Imp’s Halloween Dream" 
Zin is grappling with a dullness that permeates his life. With his friends discovering their sparks and diving deep into their own passions, Zin's once exhilarating adventures now feel lackluster. But this Halloween, the mischievous imp might just stumble upon something—or someone—that reignites the fire in his heart, challenging his beliefs about love and commitment.

Story Two: "Raining Men" 
In the Fae Realm, Alever has always found the relentless downpour of the rainy season to be a source of discomfort, the thunderstorms stirring a deep-seated aversion. His reprieve has consistently been found in the tender embrace of his lovers, a sanctuary amidst the chaos. But this year, everything is poised to change. A spark of something new is ignited, an unexpected development that will expand their throuple into a loving quad.

Story Three: "An Imp's Spring Break Fantasy" 
Zin, an imp from the Fae Realm, finds himself trapped in a cycle of monotonous orgies, the thrill of which has long since faded. Craving a taste of the unknown, he's ready for a change. Fortune smiles upon him when his friend Brick presents an irresistible opportunity: a ticket to the lively and energetic Spring Break in South Breach. This promises a thrilling escapade that could satiate his longing for fresh experiences.

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