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Mike's Assistant

Series: Book Three Satchel Pride
Release Date: August 18, 2023

Lion shifter and business executive Mike Doy thought he’d never find his fated mate… until he hires Jake Bradford.

His biggest mistake – revealing his true nature to Jake. Or maybe their shared kiss. Whatever ignited between them quickly burns out as Jake’s life spirals out of control. Jake isn’t prepared to understand—much less face—the paranormal world or the concept of fated mates.

After Jake’s parents were lost in a tragic wreck, he’d been tasked with caring for his young brothers. But a cruel aunt with the intent to take his brothers and an irate landlady threaten to separate the family.

Mike offers help, but Jake might not be able to accept the intimidating shifter’s support. With the help of a friend, Vanessa, Jake begins to understand the shifters and discovers another side of Mike. A side that’s loving, caring, and an ally. But his ever-shifting world might keep him and the man he’s fallen for apart… unless both are willing to fight to protect their love and family.

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Dive into a World of Words with C.K Noel

C.K. Noel may seem just your average guy, but his boundless imagination gives birth to tales of paranormal MM romance, where fated mates, true love, and happily-ever-afters rule supreme. Yet, for C.K., every silver lining has its cloud - his characters must face their fair share of challenges before savoring the sweet taste of happiness. Because what's a good story without a sprinkle of drama to keep things interesting?

C.K. takes the mundane aspects of life and spins them into extraordinary narratives, revealing the magic in the everyday. His stories, including the popular High Garden Dragons, Belle Fort Wolves, and the latest series, Satchel Pride, explore themes of dragons, shifters, Fae, and MPREG. His tales offer something for every taste.

Life away from the computer is just as vibrant for C.K. He calls a quaint Florida town home, a stone's throw from the place he grew up. When not weaving enchanting tales or delving into captivating reads, you can find him by the pool, not the beach (because let's face it, sharks are scarier than any paranormal creature he writes about).


He shares his life with a large, lively family, a prissy Chihuahua with a royal demeanor, and two cats who switch from cuddling to clawing in the blink of an eye. In C.K.'s world, the ordinary meets the extraordinary - both on and off the pages.



Edward's Bunny
Edward's Bunny

Edward's Bunny


Hayden's Pryde
Hayden's Pryde

Hayden's Pryde


Narrator Aaron Ross

When I decided to get my works produced into audiobooks, I was on the hunt for the perfect voice to bring them to life. That voice was found in Aaron Ross. The moment I heard his audition, I knew he’d be perfect. His range of different voices and his accents are genuinely excellent. Aaron pushes his talent forward, developing new accents and voices for other characters. 

Aaron is easy to work with, is always accepting of feedback, and is open to alterations. Our collaboration was seamless, and we successfully completed the High Garden Dragon Series. Aaron and I set on our next project in my Belle Fort Series. I hope to continue my journey in the audiobook world with Aaron in the future. 

To my fellow authors, if you are looking for someone to assist you in bringing your work to life, I recommend you take a serious look at Aaron. 

C.K. Noel 

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