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Author MM Romance

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Nathan's Cub

Series: Book Five Belle Fort Wolves
Genre: Paranormal Romance M/M
Release Date: TBD

Fate doesn’t ask permission—Nathan’s alpha wolf heart knows no bounds; even love for a bear.

Wolf shifter and former alpha Nathan Caldwell found love in his beautiful wife until he lost her. But the faithful wolf led his pack until his son stepped up to take his place. Now, Nathan looks forward to a peaceful retirement and enjoying being a grandfather. But fate has other plans.

Bear shifter Oliver ‘Ollie’ Havershin had no idea that a simple run in the woods would turn into a nightmare. Captured and tortured, Ollie thinks it’s all over… until he’s freed and brought home. When he meets Nathan, he feels an instant attraction to the silver wolf.

As their paths weave together, one thing becomes very clear to Nathan: Ollie is his fated mate—a bond he never thought he’d experience. As new threats rise in the shadows of old ones, can the former Alpha love again, and can Ollie find his place in a pack that is not his own?

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Coming Soon

You wouldn’t know it to look at him, but C.K. has a love for soul mates, true love, and happily ever after. Of course, he can’t let his characters get their happy ending too easily; they have to suffer first. He’s inspired by day-to-day life and loves transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary in his stories. 

Life away from the computer is just as vibrant for C.K. He calls a quaint Florida town home, a stone's throw from the place he grew up. When not weaving tales or reading his favorite authors, you can find him by the pool, not the beach (because, let's face it, sharks are scarier than any paranormal creature he writes about).

He shares his life with a large, lively family and two cats who switch from cuddling to clawing in the blink of an eye. In C.K.'s world, the ordinary meets the extraordinary - both on and off the pages. 



Talon's Hurricane
Talon's Hurricane

Talon's Hurricane

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