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Happy Release Day! 🎉

Today is the day we've been eagerly anticipating! I'm thrilled to announce that "Mike's Assistant: Satchel Pride 3" is now live and available for everyone to enjoy.

Mike's Assistant: Satchel Pride 3

Lion shifter and successful business executive, Mike Doy, believed that the idea of a fated mate was just a myth for him. That was until he crossed paths with Jake Bradford, the man he couldn't resist hiring. When Mike reveals his true nature to Jake, along with a passionate shared kiss, it leads to unforeseen complications.

The world as Jake knows it turns upside down. After the devastating loss of his parents in an accident, the responsibility of caring for his younger siblings falls squarely on his shoulders. The last thing he expects to deal with is understanding a whole new paranormal world and grappling with the concept of fated mates.

Challenges don't stop there for Jake. An ill-intentioned aunt, eager to tear his family apart, and an unforgiving landlady only add to his woes. Mike extends a helping hand, but can Jake overcome his own reservations to accept assistance from the intimidating shifter?

With Vanessa, a supportive friend by his side, Jake starts to comprehend the intricate world of shifters. He also discovers a gentler, more compassionate side to Mike. However, the constantly changing dynamics of Jake's life might prevent the budding romance from blossoming, unless both are prepared to put up a fight for their love and their family.

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