The Walden Coven Series.png


Series: Book One Walden Coven
Genre: Paranormal Romance M/M/M
Release Date: 2022

Leaving Walden to escape the sight of his beloved imp in his rival’s arms changes Colin’s life forever.

Visiting his cousin was an excuse to get away from the strain of seeing his beloved with someone else. Colin never dreamed that he’d wind up saving a plump human’s life… or that the human would also be his beloved. He saves the human, Reggie, but knows their lives will never be complete without his imp, Zander.

When he learns Zander’s been attacked and nearly died, he brings Reggie back to Walden.

Reggie is astonished to learn of the paranormal and more amazed to learn he not only has a connection with Colin but also Zander. Reggie, Colin, and Zander are beloveds.

But after being hurt by a vampire, can Zander ever trust Colin—or any other vampire—ever again? Perhaps the three are fated beloveds… or maybe fate’s playing a cruel game.