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Hayden's Pryde

Series: Book One Satchel Pride
Genre: Paranormal Romance M/M
Release Date: February 3, 2023

Lion shifter Prince Hayden Satchel knows fated mates no longer exist… until he meets his male fated mate!

The 28-year-old comes from a rich family, has everything he could want, and is next in line to run his pride. So settling down with a woman he doesn’t love seems like a small price to pay for such a good life. Besides, she’ll be a good mother. But his heart isn’t in it… until he meets a spunky, down-on-his-luck waiter and his lion starts going crazy.

Hayden has found his fated mate… and he’s a man.

Owen Pryde, an everyday human man, is on the run from his nightmare of an ex-boyfriend…
He always chooses the wrong men and winds up hurt. But hey, at least hurting is better than being alone forever, right? Owen’s not so sure. With his very public breakup overshadowing his life, his wealthy ex-boyfriend breathing down his neck, and his life off the rails, Owen just wants to find love. But his ex isn’t about to let his ‘property’ go.

When a new man takes a sudden, serious interest in him, Owen must wonder if he’s the one, decode intense new emotions, and escape his ex. Yikes.

Edward's Bunny

Series: Book Two Satchel Pride
Genre: Paranormal Romance M/M
Release Date: April 28, 2023

Fate is a cruel mistress – especially when it comes to fated mates.

When lion shifter and leader of his pride Edward learns about his fated mate, his life turns upside down. After losing the love of his life, his wife, he vows to never love again. but he does remarry, to give his infant son a mother. Too bad his new wife—now his ex-wife—was a raging psychopath.

But when he meets Brian, a bunny shifter who’s nearly forty years younger, he’s sure there’s no way they can make things work… right?

Brian knows things are a bit rocky with his current boyfriend, but there’s no way he’d tell the lion shifter who happens to be his fated mate. Instead, he uses his current relationship status—taken—as a reason to run from the lion. He’s not interested in predators.

But Fate won’t be denied, and the pair are going to have to get over themselves, past their prejudices, and break the stereotypes forced on them if they’re ever going to find happiness.

Mike's Assistant

Series: Book Three Satchel Pride
Genre: Paranormal Romance M/M
Release Date: September 17, 2023

Lion shifter and business executive Mike Doy thought he’d never find his fated mate… until he hires Jake Bradford.

His biggest mistake – revealing his true nature to Jake. Or maybe their shared kiss. Whatever ignited between them quickly burns out as Jake’s life spirals out of control. Jake isn’t prepared to understand—much less face—the paranormal world or the concept of fated mates.

After Jake’s parents were lost in a tragic wreck, he’d been tasked with caring for his young brothers. But a cruel aunt with the intent to take his brothers and an irate landlady threaten to separate the family.

Mike offers help, but Jake might not be able to accept the intimidating shifter’s support. With the help of a friend, Vanessa, Jake begins to understand the shifters and discovers another side of Mike. A side that’s loving, caring, and an ally. But his ever-shifting world might keep him and the man he’s fallen for apart… unless both are willing to fight to protect their love and family.

Talon's Hurricane

Series: Book Four Satchel Pride
Genre: Paranormal Romance M/M/M
Release Date: June 21, 2024

A storm is brewing—literally. Can three mates find shelter from the storm and accept their bonds?

Talon, a lion shifter, harbors doubts about his bond with Lucas, a bunny shifter who desires his mate.

When Lucas moves away to a northern beach town, he encounters Dominic, a former demon prince who is looking for some fun and trouble.

Dominic soon realizes that both Lucas and Talon are his mates, his Duša, his soul.

But convincing them of their bond is not easy, especially when a hurricane threatens to destroy their town and their lives. As they shelter together, they must confront their fears, secrets, and enemies, as well as their undeniable attraction and affection for each other.

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