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Available in eBook and Audiobook Formats
The Dragon Assassin's Mates

Series: Book Four High Garden Dragons
Genre: Paranormal Romance M/M/M
Release Date: February 18, 2021

Three entangled fates; one powerful love…

Bailey Wheeler has received some devastating news; he only has three months to live. Unwilling to be a burden, he breaks up with his love, Carson.

Carson Matthews has a secret. A secret he’s hidden from the man he loves and a secret that could cost him everything… he’s a vampire.

Dragon shifter Lord Alexios Dranin is a leader among his people. He leads the black caste dragons, the assassins of the dragon world. Despite being a killing machine, Alex has always wanted to find his Cardia—his heart.

Circumstance brings the men to Club Renegade, and three things quickly become apparent: Bailey and Carson are both Alex’s heart. Carson is to help Alex kill the witch Harper in service to the dragon king. And wooing Bailey is going to be no easy task.

What can go wrong when two alpha males try to court Bailey while attempting to track and kill a witch?

Excerpt - The Dragon Assassin's Mates

The excerpt below may contain explicit adult language and sexual content.
By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.
If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.


My cardia. I can’t believe I’m sitting next to my heart. Mates really do drop from the sky here. I’d come to this club with Dimitri to let off steam before the meeting with the vampire coven that made this building their home. We’d met the king earlier that day, and he indeed wanted someone killed—the witch, Harper. He wanted me to meet and work with a vampire tracker, who supposedly was the best the king had ever known. I was to find Harper and end her.
I looked at my mate again and thanked the Fates. As soon as I’d entered the bar, my dragon had gone crazy within me. The scent of cinnamon filled the air, and I knew my mate was here. I’d scanned the room before seeing him at the table, looking like he wanted to be anywhere else but here. In fact, he’d looked ready to bolt. I needed to get to him before he escaped. I knew when he saw me—his eyes dilated, and interest filled them. But as suddenly as the desire entered, it fled.
“You don’t have to sit with me. My boyfriend will only be a second.” My mate’s soft voice pulled me from my thoughts.
Boyfriend, there was that word again. He’d used it before, and I’d scented the lie on his lips. Why would he lie about a boyfriend? I wondered. I shook my head. He was human and probably didn’t understand the emotions he was feeling toward me. That had to be it.
“I don’t mind, agape,” I said, the term of endearment slipping easily from my lips. I needed to know more, though. “May I have your name?”
He swallowed and stared at me for a moment. I thought for a moment he wouldn’t respond.
“My name’s Bailey.”
Bailey, what an excellent name. I was hoping he would say more, but nothing was forthcoming. He seemed to close off after giving me that nugget. I could smell his arousal, and it was amazing, so I knew he was not unaffected by my presence. I wanted to find a room and lay claim to what was mine. There had to be a reason he was fighting so hard.
“Tell me, Bailey. Why are you sitting here and not dancing?” I asked.
He shrugged. “I’m not much of a dancer.”
“I'd be happy to show you how to dance. I promise you’d enjoy it. Our bodies pressed against each other, swaying to the music.”
He closed his eyes and gulped. The heavy scent of cinnamon filled the area. I knew my words affected him. I leaned over and whispered in his ear. “Can you picture it? Your body, melding against me, forming to mine. So close, you’d feel every part of me, every hardness.”
His breath hitched, and he panted. I reached over and placed my hand on his thigh. His eyes popped opened, and he turned his head toward me. His mouth, his lips, were so close, and I longed to taste him. I leaned in to claim my prize.
“What the fuck is going on here?” a voice growled.
Bailey jumped back, his eyes wide. “Carson,” he whispered.
I turned to see the man who dared interrupt my claiming. I froze. I couldn’t speak. For the second time in less than an hour, my heart skipped in my chest. The man was ethereal, with his porcelain skin, angular features, black hair, and piercing blue eyes. He was gorgeous.
He was also my mate.
How could this be? In all my years of living, I’d never heard of a dragon having two hearts. It was always just one mate, one half.
“Bailey, what is going on? Who’s this?” the stunning specimen asked through clenched teeth.
I looked at Bailey. Blood had drained from his face—he was ghost white and was shivering. “I-I…” he stuttered. He abruptly stood and ran, pushing his way through the crowd.
I went to go after him, but a strong arm grabbed me and jerked me around. Fiery red eyes greeted me. It was then I noticed that under the sweet smell of apples was the odor of vampire.
“Stay away from Bailey; he’s mine!” he hissed through his fangs.
I stepped forward and pressed into his chest, allowing my bulk to tower over him. I was the alpha in this triad. Images of the three of us intertwined in ecstasy flashed in my mind, and my dick hardened. I moaned.
“You are both mine, vampire,” I growled low, my scales emerging on my skin.
His eyes widened. I grabbed the back of his head and smashed his lips to mine. He tasted of molasses and honey. I reveled in the sensation as I owned his mouth. He groaned and pressed into me before tensing and pushing back.
“What the fuck are you doing?” he snarled, out of breath.
I looked him over and noticed a nice-sized bulge pressed hard against his pants. I smirked. “Do you not feel it, vampire? Our connection?”
He stared at me, and I saw his nostrils flare. “W-what are you talking about? What connection? You were just trying to fuck Bailey, and now you want me. Who the fuck are you?” he snapped back, challenging our bond.
My eyes narrowed. “I am Lord Alexios Dranin. You can call me Alex. I am leader of the black caste dragons, and you and Bailey are my cardias—my mates.”

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