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Updates, Delays, and Wild Rides….

March has shaped up to be my busiest month. This month I found myself moving. I still live in Florida, but we decided to move up to the west coast. I’ll miss my home in the keys, but I love my new home. My cats are acclimating to our new place. They have already settled in on the best hiding places, and my prissy little chihuahua loves the larger yard.

Even with my move, I was still able to write. However, a mix-up in editing is causing a delay in the release of Tommy’s Wolf. This just means we’ll get Aaran’s story in the High Garden Dragons Series first. It’s edited and sent to the publisher. I don’t have a firm release date, but I hope to have one soon. I should have Tommy’s Wolf back from my editing guru by Sunday and off to the publisher by the following Monday.

I’m currently working on Dimitri’s story, and he and his mate are taking me on a wild ride with some big twists and turns. They're having a lot of fun along the way.. We learn the connection between our mystery mage and Harper, and we get a look at some super sexed imps.

After Dimitri’s tale, I’ll turn my attention to the next in Belle Fort as well as a new unrelated series. It’s a story that keeps swirling in my head and introduces a brand-new type of paranormal. Because, of course, I’m all about fated mates, but we’ll see how it goes.

That’s all for my updates. I’ll keep you posted if anything else crops up.

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